“What was she like?” my friend craved to know
This islander ‘Lua,’ who I couldn’t let go
“What was so special, about what she said?”
“And why do her words, need to be read?”

It’s so hard to see, in the world of today
How one such as Lua, can live such a way
Her living quite simple, her happiness clear
Singing her songs, these words you might hear:

Master your breath; eat the right food
Walk to feel better; ride for good mood
Listen to others; learn things each day
Connect with your world; give some things away
Learn to be still and quiet your mind
Choose to live simply and joy you will find

My friend from the Mainland, liked what he heard
“But to live like an Islander? Surely absurd!”
“Is it?” I asked, “In this world now so small.”
“On this full planet, aren’t we Islanders All?”

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​© 2019 Rich 'Rico' Leon